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Current Projects


At Meadowlark Hearth, our 100 plus year old dairy barn is in need of some TLC. The historical Everett Family Dairy barn made a very integral contribution to the community and needs to be given a rehabilitation so it can continue to serve Meadowlark Hearth’s stewardship into the future.

As we began our seed work in 2010, we revived the barn by shoring up the corners and adding a new roof. We used netting to keep out the pigeons and their droppings to begin seed curing and drying. Now as we are expanding our use of the barn, we need to replace the plastic with REAL windows.

Our beloved barn needs professional help to finish the exterior of the barn so it can display the valley’s history and allow young people and the community to witness the seed work.

Farm visitors have increased in our 13th year of Meadowlark Hearth 2022. With more visitors, the time has come now to put in real windows, mill replacement boards, and feed the old wood with delicious linseed oil paint so we can have classes in the barn.


We estimate that the historic barn will need $12,000 to complete the exterior rehab. We have garnered $3000 to begin! $20 means an hour of professional painting, $30 will give an hour of professional carpentry, $80 for gallon of special paint, and $250 for one window fully installed. Any amount is appreciated!!! Even a half hour 🙂

We invite you to be a part of this “labor of love.”