Seed Internships at Meadowlark Hearth Farm

supported by Meadowlark Hearth Living Environment Foundation 501c3

Meadowlark Hearth Farm DBA Richard Everett Farm LLC, 120024 Everett Drive Scottsbluff, Ne 69361 308-631-5877 cell,
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Positions Open:

Biodynamic VEGETABLE SEED Internship With Whole Farm Approach
2024 Spring through December*
2024 Autumn Seed Internship processing and marketing: September-December*
While you will learn much more of the context of seed if you come in the early spring, we offer the
autumn internship for experienced farmers or gardeners who do not have the time to come during the year.
*(Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, multi-year appointments will allow a broader understanding)

There is lots to love about Meadowlark Hearth!

  • Organic and Biodynamic farming on 500 plus acres
  • NOP organic and Demeter certified Biodynamic®
  • Intensive horticultural production on 4 acres with a focus on vegetable seed production
  • Year-round CSA/Market vegetable garden
  • Grass-fed micro dairy
  • Intensive grazing for a small herd of Ayrshire/Shorthorn/Jersey/Normande cows

What you’ll be doing:

  • field preparation
  • cultivation
  • growing
  • harvesting
  • threshing
  • cleaning seeds
  • packing seeds
  • learn about
    • our cows in relation to the farm’s fertility for the seed
    • our micro dairy grazing
    • small grain growing


  • Seedsman Nathan Corymb, trained at Kimberton Hills and at Sativa biodynamic seed company in Switzerland, BD and organic farmer for over 30 years as well as a Master Naturalist
  • Beth Corymb, BA in music UNC, Greeley Co and at Kimberton Hills in BD and organic farming of vegetables, vegetable seed and herbs for over 30 years.Together they began Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative@Camphill Village USA.
  • MH farm partner Matthew Barhafer, BA in Biology, Regis University, Denver

Interested applicants please fill out the application here: