Richard Everett Nature Preserve

When Beth was a child, she enjoyed the woodland that her family owned along the banks of the North Platte River. When she and Nathan returned home to the Everett family farm, it was their dream to make part of this riverbank into a natural place that children and adults who visited the farm would enjoy. That dream became a reality when LEF was created and chose to purchase Beth’s sister‘s (and LEF board member Cora Lee) part of this land to create the Richard Everett Nature Preserve. Named after Beth and Cora Lee’s father, the intent is that this land will be available into the future as a place of appreciation and learning about the natural history of this part of Western Nebraska

This approximately 140 acres of woods and river frontage “accretion land” that make up the southern edge of the Beth’s multi-generational family farm, both add to the biological and ecological diversity of the farm and to LEF’s work with schools and other educational programs.

Conscious of the importance of lands such as these to the Native American peoples in the area since before recorded history, in 2016 LEF invited Lakota friends from the Pine Ridge Reservation just over the border in South Dakota, to celebrate the Preserve’s dedication as a place where the nature can thrive and teach future generations. Learn more about the site’s history here.

Come for a walk on LEF’s nature preserve! Nathan is a trained naturalist who has observed nature’s cycles for over forty years, and he enjoys sharing his love of nature with adults and/or children.

Since 2016, Living Environment Foundation has raised enough to finally complete the purchase of the Richard Everett Nature Preserve of 138 acres to protect the wild life and plants in this area! Thank you to all of you who made this possible!