Ongoing & Past Projects

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Ongoing Projects

Outreach for low income families

Currently, Meadowlark Hearth maintains contact with people who have less food security and donates grass fed/finished meat to them including the Lakota Waldorf School. Also reducing prices to make allow public schools to be able to purchase products from the farm.

Certified kitchen on the farm

While this project is on hold currently, we do plan to go forward at some point with this project. We have been using the certified kitchens located in the Scottsbluff area including the Gering Public Schools and the students are receiving some of our organic produce.

Completed Projects — Thanks for supporting!

update: Richard Everett Nature Preserve

“Since 2016, Living Environment Foundation has raised enough to finally complete the purchase of the Richard Everett Nature Preserve of 138 acres to protect the wild life and plants in this area! Thank you to all of you who made this possible!”

Richard Everett Nature Preserve

update: Hoop House isolation for seed work

“To maintain seed variety purity, there is a need to make sure the vegetable seed varieties are isolated enough maintain their integrity as a specific variety. Our isolation garden was under extreme pressure from insects and wildlife, due to drought conditions. Therefore we had an emergency fund raising for our new hoop house in 2021. Thank you to all of you who helped us to get there! ” It is working well to protect our varieties. Check this video out of our new hoop house!

update: seed machine / winnow wizard

The purchase of a seed cleaning machine, winnow wizard to be better able to efficiently clean large amounts of small seed was completed. THANK YOU